Johnson City TN Suffrage Centennial Celebration

Definition and Mission: An inclusive, non-partisan alliance honoring the history of the Women’s Suffrage Movement focused on the Johnson City  and Tennessee stories. Our objectives are to educate our community and celebrate the winning of Women’s franchise.



Events and Projects

The events and projects listed here are created and planned in order to achieve our objectives of Celebrating, Educating, and Honoring the legacy of the local and Tennessee Suffragists.



    Downtown Mural Presentation


The October 10 “Passing the Torch” mural presentation to the community was rescheduled to Sunday, November 1st.  Our event took place just prior to Election Day 2020.


We were excited to take the opportunity to not only focus on honoring the early suffragists, but also to remind everyone, especially women, the importance of exercising their right to vote.


 The event included a brief program segment replicating portions of the October 7, 1916 Johnson City parade supporting the passage of the 19th Amendment.




Additional information is on the Mural page.




Reece Museum Suffrage Exhibit


A Suffrage Exhibit opens at the Reece Museum on August 24 and is tentatively scheduled to continue throughout 2020. For more information and guidelines for visiting the Reece Museum on ETSU campus, go to


Oral History Gathering


We are gathering histories via interviews with local people—especially those who have a living memory of the early 20th Century, or a memory of family members who were impacted by women’s enfranchisement at any time. Interviews are recorded and archived. If you or someone you are familiar with should be involved in this effort, please let us know through the contact page.