Johnson City TN Suffrage Centennial Celebration

Definition and Mission: An inclusive, non-partisan alliance honoring the history of the Women’s Suffrage Movement focused on the  Johnson City and Tennessee stories. Our objectives are to educate our community and celebrate the winning of Women’s franchise.

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Our thanks go out to Larry Dale Smith, "volunteer photographer" for sharing his photos taken during the mural presentation!

Tennessee Woman Suffrage Centennial Collaborative

Johnson City Suffragists

Mary Eliza Shaut White  (Mrs. Hugh White)(1885 - 1965)

Lula Belle Milburn Divine (Mrs. Paul Divine) (1881 - 1955)

Grace Armbrust (Mrs. L. Armbrust)(1866 - 1966)

Martha C. Chandler Exum (Mrs. W. J. Exum) (1868 - 1954)


Arabella Lyle, Johnson City Suffrage Club (1860 - 1952)


Florence Metzger (Mrs. J. Preston Metzger) (1875 - 1955)

Source: Tennessee State Museum Archives and Research by Tom Roberts

Margaret Powell (Mrs. Ferdinand Powell) (1889 - 1970)

Eunice Proctor (Mrs. E.K. Perkins) (1878 - 1956)

   *Secretary, Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage

Alpha Leona Richardson Sells (Mrs. George Sells)(1881 - 1962)

   *Sister-in-law of Representative Sam Sells

Mary Florence Ella Williams (Mrs. Captain Wm. Elbert Franklin Milburn) (1859 - 1910)

   *President, JC Congressional Union for Woman  Suffrage

Suffrage trail honors a woman's place — in Tennessee history. Click here for story.

Underlining the inclusive efforts of the Coalition, the following link contains information regarding African American Suffragists.

Additional information on some of these women can be found on the Featured Sufffragists page.

Timeline of the Women’s Suffrage Movement in the U.S.